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Solutions to common problems of film output

in computer typesetting, the output of film (including laser printer output sulfuric acid paper) should be sent and arranged. Nowadays, there are many kinds of image and text processing and typesetting software, typesetting software, font library and so on, but different typesetting methods, using font library and so on have different typesetting. R although various image and text processing and typesetting software have good compatibility, it is not completely free of problems. Due to the influence of many factors, there are sometimes problems such as word loss, text dislocation, garbled code, image deformation, etc. in the hair arrangement, which requires the production and output operators to be familiar with the commonly used software, master the characteristics of each hair arrangement, and pay attention to it in the production and output

1. At present, in addition to the common founder system, word and other software, some graphic processing and typesetting software can't bold the text, because it will cause the phenomenon of ghosting on the edge of the text (Chinese) and affect the clarity of the text output. Therefore, when using these software, it is best not to bold the text, and you can use a font with thicker lines when you need bold words. In addition, nowadays, there are many kinds of word libraries in computers, such as PS word, turetype word, bitmap word, etc. there are also many kinds of choice of word libraries in graphic processing and typesetting software, which are more convenient to use. The font is also very rich. However, when selecting the font, it should be noted that the font that has been installed by the output equipment such as the imagesetter must be installed. If it is not installed, it can be downloaded from the network before publishing. It should be installed correctly before publishing. For example, when using the turetype font that is not installed in the Imagesetter, after downloading this font from the network, but the OS 8.5 and OS 8.6 systems sometimes have some problems with the download processing, so you can output a large sample and a small amount of film for trial after downloading, and then send it in large quantities after it is completely correct, so as to avoid wasting materials and time. In addition, due to the differences between fonts in different font libraries, which better meet the different needs of customers, and are not fully compatible, it is necessary to distinguish between different typesetting characteristics and meet different output conditions. However, in a typesetting system, a commonly used font library should be selected as the default font library of the system. Unless special needs are met, do not open different font libraries at the same time, and do not open multiple fonts at the same time, so as to avoid font errors during output. For font types that cannot be mixed with different types, try to install relevant fonts that can be used to save output space, which directly affects the competitiveness of China's SEBS downstream industry. It should be noted that you cannot load words through the server, but you can use the server font if necessary (slow speed). When the font is replaced, it should be directly selected again if it has been confirmed. Otherwise, when the font is reset, the text and punctuation marks will cause displacement. It is better not to use text effects for extra small words, such as italic, hollow, and offline. Due to the different font attributes and default options of different computers, for example, when files are converted to each other, the default wordless spacing of PC should be converted to the normal wordspacing of MAC to avoid errors. The Chinese version, Chinese version, English version and other versions have different support programs for double byte Chinese, so you should pay special attention when sending and arranging. The difference between different versions of the same word will lead to different output and printing. For example, the punctuation marks in the new and old versions of Hanyi are square and round. The old font size can't be matched one by one, which will cause garbled and misplaced when downloading. In some systems, there will be problems with directly arranged punctuation marks, which can only be solved by inputting special symbols with location codes. When inputting Chinese and English or arranging Chinese and English together, it is best to use Chinese and English input methods and Chinese and English fonts respectively, otherwise it is easy to make English words press Chinese words. In addition, when using the typesetting software commonly used on the PC platform nowadays, try to avoid using downloaded fonts for output, because the software (especially pirated software) itself is not perfect. It often has garbled codes and other faults when using downloaded fonts. You can install the same font library on the PC platform and rip at the same time, and you should try it first when publishing. For word typesetting software, which is currently used very frequently, when outputting pages made by word software on PC platform, it is necessary to pay attention to setting the pages as monochrome pages, because word software classifies the market status of tensile machine instruments and meters, and the classification of market status of instruments and meters. The color pages made according to the new national economic classification specifications are RGB mode, and the output is generally CMYK mode, so there are often some problems when outputting, Even in rip, color separation often makes mistakes

2. Because the imprinting function is sometimes used in image and text processing, and some software also has these functions. For example, the black version in PageMaker will be automatically imprinted, but some color patches and lines need to be made by yourself: freehand, illustrator and other software need to set the black version imprint. Therefore, check the stamping function before delivery. For other colors that need to be embossed in the software, they need to be set during production

however, it should be noted that when setting the black plate imprinting, it is necessary to check that gray areas cannot be imprinted. For pages made with Illustrator software, because the direct publishing speed is relatively slow, and sometimes the page size will change, you can save them as EPS files and put them into PageMaker for publishing, which is faster. However, it should be noted that PageMaker has no embossing effect, so you can't choose this method uniformly, but choose the layout method according to the specific situation of the page

3. Nowadays, some typesetting software has the functions of image rotation, cutting, scaling and so on, but because rotating the image in the typesetting software will not only occupy more memory, but also increase the amount of calculation when publishing, which will increase the publishing time. Therefore, it is better not to rotate, cut and zoom the image in the typesetting software. In addition, the image display in the typesetting software is rough, and the cutting and reduction of the image is inaccurate, and this cutting and reduction method does not reduce the amount of information of the image, and cannot shorten the publishing time: enlarging the image in the typesetting software will affect the image quality. Therefore, it is best to complete the rotation, cutting and scaling of the image in the scanning and image processing software. In addition, it should be noted that in the typesetting process of individual typesetting software (especially the mixed typesetting of Chinese and English), it is not possible to use line alignment and forced line alignment, because these typesetting software have incomplete functions. When making forcibly, the page is often displayed on the screen in line, but the actual output result is another matter

4. At present, there are many formats in image storage, each with its own characteristics. The storage format should be selected according to the specific situation to avoid errors. For example, the commonly used TIFF image storage format has a large amount of information. Some Rip will make errors when processing TIFF images with a large amount of information sent by the jigsaw software, so the images with a large amount of information are best stored in EPS format and then put into the send. In addition, some Rip will have an obvious jump when processing% gradients sent from PageMaker 6.5 software. At this time, the method of adding noise to the gradient image in photosho P can solve this problem. (author: Lin Qishui)

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