Two national 863 projects of Zhuzhou CSR era elect

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Zhuzhou CSR times electric two national 863 projects passed the acceptance

Zhuzhou CSR times electric two national 863 projects passed the acceptance through these materials can meet the requirements of high strength, high wear resistance, boiling resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

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August 8, Hunan CSR times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSR times electric) undertakes the major project of "key technologies and system integration of electric vehicles (phase I)" in the field of national 863 modern transportation technology - "in-depth hybrid electric bus industry, many manufacturers can do large-scale variable speed loading technology research" and "plug-in hybrid electric bus industrialization technology research" The two subjects have passed the technical acceptance of the expert group of the Ministry of science and technology. On the morning of August, the high technology center of the Ministry of science and technology organized experts to CSR times Electric Co., Ltd. to listen to the acceptance report. It is reported that the "deep hybrid bus industrialization technology research and development" project has developed three deep hybrid power systems and complete vehicles, namely, direct connected hybrid, direct connected AMT and dual motor AMT. All technical indicators meet the requirements of the mission statement, established a complete vehicle simulation and test platform, formed an annual production capacity of 3000 passenger cars, and realized the large-scale production and sales of deep hybrid complete vehicles and power systems

combined with the actual application requirements, this topic explored the application characteristics of deep hybrid system in buses, and developed a variety of deep hybrid systems. Innovative achievements have been made in motor and controller integration, torsional vibration structure of power system, vehicle adaptive control, etc., which provide technical support for the product development and industrialization of hybrid electric buses in China

the technical indicators of plug-in hybrid electric bus developed by the project of "tackling key technical problems in the industrialization of plug-in hybrid electric bus" also meet the requirements of the mission statement, establish relevant enterprise standards and test and detection systems, form the industrialization ability, and realize the large-scale production and application of products. At the same time, the subject has made significant progress in key technologies such as APU matching and control, APU special torsional shock absorber, integrated central control assembly, composite energy storage assembly, vehicle electrical high-voltage safety, and the fuel saving effect of the vehicle is obvious, which provides technical support for the industrialization of plug-in hybrid electric buses in China

a total of 23 papers have been published and 56 patents have been applied for on the two topics, including 16 invention patents, 40 utility model patents, 2 authorized invention patents and 31 utility model patents; We have formulated 40 enterprise standards and specifications, 3 software copyrights, and completed the tasks and objectives of intellectual property rights and talent training. You must provide 1 material type

after that, the expert group investigated the scene, made in-depth inquiries and serious discussions on relevant issues, and finally agreed that the two topics passed the technical acceptance. The successful acceptance of the "863" project this time is the recognition of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China to the scientific research investment and achievements of CSR era electric new energy, which will also play a huge role in promoting the development of China's new energy bus industrialization

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