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Volvo Construction equipment helps Yao fund build a basketball dream of hope

Volvo Construction equipment helps Yao fund build a basketball dream of hope

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Guide: by Yao Ming love foundation (hereinafter referred to as Yao Fund) The 2013 Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season (Eastern Division) basketball training and League activities jointly sponsored by the China Youth Development Foundation and the China Basketball Association recently ended in Lu'an, Anhui Province. Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd. (next...

the basketball training and League activity of "2013 Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season" (Eastern Division) jointly sponsored by Yao Ming love foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Yao foundation"), China Youth Development Foundation and China Basketball Association recently came to an end in Lu'an, Anhui Province. Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Volvo Construction Equipment") as one of the important partners of Yao fund, with its star project "dig war master" Volvo Cup National excavator operator green fuel saving challenge, which has extensive social influence, calls on employees, dealers and contestants to actively participate in public welfare projects. During the six-day event, Volvo Construction Equipment employees, dealers and excavator operators from the "dig war talent" competition fully participated in the interactive activities, and built a basketball dream with children from poor mountainous areas with all instruments that can verify the quality or performance

Luo Dong, President of Volvo Construction Equipment China, said: "Volvo Construction Equipment hopes to give full play to the characteristics of 'talent' with a wide range of influence, deep coverage and strong group interaction, and work together with the 'Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season' public welfare project to maximize each other's advantages and resources, so that Volvo Construction equipment can be close to the actual needs of public welfare undertakings in a broader crowd, in a more diversified way, and comprehensively practice the enterprise society."

during the interval of basketball training, the operators of "dig war master" performed excavator shooting for the children, but the seemingly bulky machine was flexible on the basketball court, which amazed the children; Accompanied by the operator, the children boarded the excavator to operate it by themselves and experienced the daily work of a "master of excavation warfare"; In the "classroom interaction" session, Volvo Construction equipment specially prepared some canvases printed with small models of excavators, on which children can design the construction blueprint of their hometown and imagine a better future life. "Volvo Construction Equipment's' experts' have greatly enriched this year's basketball season training and League activities, and brought a different experience to the basketball season." Song ruosi, head of the Yao foundation, said, "the 'War experts' have passed on their positive and hardworking spirit to young students, which is crucial for their healthy growth."

in April this year, representatives of Volvo Construction equipment enterprises were invited to attend the press conference of "2013 Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season". At the same time, they recommended four Volvo hope primary schools to Yao foundation to participate in this year's "2013 Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season", and these four primary schools will also become the designated primary schools of the project, Children will receive systematic and complete basketball education through basketball support activities with metallographic and flaw detection equipment. The arrival of Yao fund volunteers not only made the children of the four Volvo hope primary schools who first joined the "Yao fund basketball season" experience the happiness brought by basketball, but also made the normally shy children learn team cooperation in training by organizing teams and arranging training. Many teachers and parents responded that the children were much more cheerful and had more smiles on their faces by participating in basketball classes, and the communication between students was more frequent than before

Volvo Construction Equipment's adherence to public welfare undertakings has greatly encouraged dealers and employees: at the launching ceremony of the "dig and fight talent" Yunnan regional city competition on June 17, Kunming yunwo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a dealer of Volvo Construction equipment, donated nearly 10000 yuan worth of learning supplies such as computers and popular science books to Volvo hope primary school in Chake Town, Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, which has joined the "2013 Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season". The three Volvo hope primary schools in the East, which came to participate in the basketball season training and League, also received donations from Volvo Construction equipment

Yao Foundation launched the "Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season" in 2012, which is a long-term sports enlightenment public welfare project that provides professional guidance and training of physical education and basketball skills for hope primary school students. "Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season" integrates volunteer teaching, training and competition. It will be built into a professional basketball event for rural teenagers, popularize basketball culture and sports spirit, and will also be a stage for rural children to realize their dreams. The Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season aims to give students of hope primary school the opportunity to understand sports, basketball and the spirit of sports, so that children in poor areas can enjoy the happiness of sports, so as to grow up better and healthily

"dig war talent" was jointly hosted by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Volvo Construction equipment in 2011, and received strong support from the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The competition is an active practice of Volvo's fuel efficiency strategy for construction equipment, striving to optimize the driving habits of excavator operators through technical competition and fuel-saving training, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Over the past three years, the competition has attracted more than 410000 people from all over the country to participate in the competition. A total of 164292 contestants entered for the third "dig battle talent", setting a new record. Recently, the North China regional race was successfully held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Next, the West China, South China and East China regional races will be held in Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Hangzhou respectively

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