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Beijing hoisting machinery inspector qualification examination paper (noun explanation part)

noun explanation (a total of 5 questions, 2 points for each question, a total of 10 points)

1. Rated lifting capacity (according to crane terminology)

answer: the net mass of heavy objects or materials allowed to be lifted by the crane, together with the sum of the mass of separable lifting appliances (or accessories) (for mobile cranes, including lifting appliances fixed on the crane). For cranes with variable amplitude, the 2017 rated lifting capacity of the crane is specified according to the amplitude

2. Unsafe direction

answer: when the crane is overloaded, the lifting object continues to lift, the boom extends, the amplitude increases, and the combination of these actions

3. User unit

answer: it refers to the unit or individual with the right and obligation to manage the special equipment in use, which is composed of PC104 as the core and serial communication bus and adopts one industrial PC to monitor six fatigue testing machines at the same time. It can be the owner of the special equipment property right without affecting the use of users, or it can be entrusted by the owner of the special equipment property right and have the right and obligation to manage the special equipment in use for more than one year

4. Lifting (lowering) speed

answer: the vertical displacement speed of the rated load under the stable motion state

5. Special equipment (according to the regulations on the supervision of special equipment)

answer: special equipment refers to boilers, pressure vessels (including gas cylinders), pressure pipelines, elevators, hoisting machinery, passenger ropeways, and large amusement facilities that involve life safety and great reliability of dangerous work

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