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Explanation of 20 terms that the building waterproof industry must know

explanation of 20 terms that the building waterproof industry must know

January 24, 2018

[China paint information]

1. What is the service life of the waterproof layer: refers to the period within which the waterproof layer can meet the requirements of normal use

2. What is a waterproof fortification: a waterproof layer with independent waterproof ability

3. What is asphalt waterproof roll: dip asphalt with matrix materials such as base paper, fiber fabric, fiber felt, etc., and spread powdery, granular or sheet materials on the surface to make curlable sheet waterproof materials

4. What is polymer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material: a curlable sheet waterproof material is made with synthetic polymer modified asphalt as the coating layer, fiber fabric or fiber felt as the matrix, powder, granular, sheet or film material as the covering material

5. What is synthetic polymer waterproof coiled material: take synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or their blends as the base material, add an appropriate amount of chemical additives and fillers, and process them through different processes to form curlable sheet waterproof materials, or combine the above materials with synthetic fibers to form two or more layers of curlable sheet waterproof materials

6. What is reactive stickiness? Under the construction process of wet paving method, it refers to that during the curing process of waterproof coiled material and polymer cement slurry or cast-in-place concrete, the coiled material adhesive forms an "interpenetrating" interface structure between coiled material and concrete through the synergistic effect of chemical crosslinking and physical mortise, so as to achieve the bonding effect of tight and firm combination, which can not be verified by the calibration steps of its quality or property metallographic microscope according to the design requirements

7. What is cross membrane? It is made of cross superimposed high-density polyethylene film. The film is made of 45 ° oblique cut single-layer film cross superimposed together to form a multilayer film. The film has high tensile strength, good elongation, strong tear resistance, high impact resistance, stable size and puncture resistance

8. What is honeycomb: the concrete is locally crisp, with less mortar and more stones, and there are voids between the stones, forming honeycomb holes

9. what is an upright roof: the waterproof layer is above the thermal insulation layer

10. What is it that Philips, OSRAM and Ge, the three major lighting companies in the world, all produce inverted roofs with energy-saving lamps in China? The waterproof layer is under the thermal insulation layer

11. What is base course treatment agent: in order to enhance the adhesion between waterproof materials and base course, paint on the base course shall be painted in advance before the construction of waterproof layer

12. what is dividing joint: in order to reduce cracks, pre reserved joints are reserved on the roof leveling layer, rigid waterproof layer and rigid protective layer. The rigid protective layer is only made into a V-shaped groove on the surface, which is called the surface dividing joint

13. what is the empty paving method: when paving waterproof coiled materials, the coiled materials and the base course are only bonded within a certain width around, and the rest are not bonded

14. what is the wet paving method: the wet paving method uses cement slurry or mortar as the binder of the base course, and the step is to pour the cement slurry on the base course while paving and then driving the cement slurry away

15. What is the point bonding method: when paving waterproof coiled materials, the coiled materials or perforated coiled materials and the base course adopt the construction method of point bonding. Bonding shall not be less than 5 points per square meter, and the area of each point shall be 100 mm × 100mm。

16. what is the hot melt method: the construction method of using a flame heater to melt the hot melt adhesive at the bottom of the hot melt waterproof coiled material for bonding

17. what is called self-adhesive method: the waterproof coiled material with self-adhesive is used, and the construction method of bonding is carried out without hot construction and cementation material

18. what is hot air welding method: the construction method of using hot air welding gun to carry out waterproof coiled materials and lap bonding

19. What is external anti sticking: it is to stick the coiled material (coating) waterproof layer on the upstream surface of the structure. For external protection and internal sticking, the permanent protective wall is built first, and then the coiled material (coating) waterproof layer is pasted to the protective wall

20. what is parapet: the short wall of the outer wall of the house is higher than the roof, which plays a protective role

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