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Voluntary carbon emission reduction calls for "Chinese standards"

the Copenhagen conference aimed at coping with future climate change is about to be held, and the topic of "carbon trading" has attracted much attention. At present, the global voluntary carbon emission reduction standards are mainly concentrated in Europe, and China's first voluntary carbon emission reduction standard is likely to be introduced within this year

It is reported that the international carbon trading market is mainly divided into quota trading and voluntary trading markets. The former provides a carbon trading platform for those countries or enterprises that have a ceiling on greenhouse gas emissions to meet emission reduction targets; The latter is willing to conduct carbon trading from the perspective of corporate society and brand building. At present, the major carbon trading markets in the world are monopolized by developed countries in Europe and the United States, including the emission trading system of the European Union, the emission trading system of the United Kingdom, and the Chicago Climate Exchange of the United States

"China is a large country of carbon resources, but it is currently at the low end of the carbon trading industry, and the construction of the carbon trading market is still relatively lagging behind." Expert introduction

the carbon trading market is mainly divided into three stages: project level, commodity level and carbon financial market stage. At present, China's carbon trading market is still mainly focused on the project level, while European countries are already at the commodity level, and the United States has jumped to the carbon financial market stage

due to the lack of trading platform in China on August 10, the existing carbon trading is highly accidental, with low price and small quantity. After the nuclear reduction of the project is purchased by buyers from developed countries at a low price, it is packaged and developed again, and transformed into a financial and derivative product transaction with higher added value

carbon trading: China should no longer be a "follower"

to establish a "Chinese standard" for carbon emission reduction, it is necessary to adopt electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display force value, printer print force value data, and automatically convert the compressive strength line. As a developing country, India has reached the level of carbon finance. In contrast, China is in a more passive situation because of the lagging construction of China's carbon trading market

relevant data show that the carbon trading price in China is 2-3 euros less than that in India, and less than half of the price in the European secondary market

some experts predict that by 2012, the global carbon trading will reach US $150billion, surpassing oil to become the largest trading in the world, and China is expected to account for more than 30%. We have experienced the hardships of "followers" in the manufacturing industry. In the energy conservation and emission reduction transaction, if we do not take action early to establish the "Chinese standard", the passive situation will continue. It is inevitable to establish and improve the carbon voluntary emission reduction market platform as soon as possible and promote the formation of the carbon voluntary emission reduction mechanism

according to expert analysis, establishing a "Chinese standard" for voluntary carbon emission reduction will help regulate the behavior of carbon trading among enterprises, give play to the function of the exchange to "discover value and price", and gradually absorb more carbon trading projects from the off-site to the on-site exchange platform from the perspective of structural adjustment of the whole industry. It is reported that voluntary carbon emission reduction standards will be jointly formulated by buyers, sellers, environmental exchanges and other organizations

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