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Voltage electrical installation tester measurement

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voltage electrical installation tester measurement

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voltage electrical installation tester measurement

is a 100 year old German electrical testing 2. Instrument manufacturer with low friction coefficient. Gmc-i currently has R & D and production bases in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Through the marketing network formed by the group's branches and partners, we provide professional power measurement products and systems for users all over the world in the fields of energy production, transportation and application. As an important product line of the group, electrical testing instruments adhere to the rigorous and exquisite technology of Germany, the high-precision testing level, and the unique electrical testing instrument market. Each of our products has a DAX certificate, and is designed to prevent burning and misoperation. The variable frequency transformer comprehensive tester adopts an intelligent controller, which can save 3000 groups of test data. The variable frequency transformer tester supports U disk to store data, which can be read through a standard PC- German GMC

voltage electrical installation tester measurement handheld multifunctional partial discharge tester is mainly applicable to the live partial discharge test of transformer, generator, motor, GIS, high-voltage switchgear, high-voltage cable and other primary equipment. It is qualitative and quantitative, finds and locates the discharge point, has simple operation and strong anti-interference ability, and is a powerful weapon for condition based maintenance. It is equipped with five kinds of sensors, namely, two ultrasonic sensors, one TEV sensor, one HFCT sensor and one UHF sensor, which are powerful and suitable for the live partial discharge test of all high-voltage primary equipment. Simple operation, single person operation: full Chinese operation interface, body

voltage electrical installation tester measurement

small volume, light weight, explosion-proof portable box, convenient to carry in field measurement- German GMC adopts imported programmable logic controller (PLC) with relatively lagging capacity of newly added lithium battery copper foil for real-time control, which is simple and reliable. It is suitable for rapid testing of safety performance (safety regulations) indicators of all kinds of electrical equipment, especially household appliances, and can increase power or low-voltage start-up test items according to user requirements- German GMC

voltage electrical installation tester measurement tester features: 1 Equipped with standard DC charging vehicle socket (1000v250a); With USB B interface and upper computer software, it can synchronously translate and analyze can communication messages; With special calibration terminal, various methods can be used for verification; It has the function of simulating battery voltage (about 350V); It has insulation fault simulation function (7 groups of resistors are adjustable) and battery positive and negative connection test function simulation; Prepare a high-power output load interface to facilitate the connection of resistive load, electronic load, battery load or feedback load- German GMC is applicable to telecommunications, electricity, meteorology, machine rooms, power distribution lines, tower transmission lines, gas stations, factory grounding, lightning rods, etc- German GMC

gaomei meter (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. and gmc-i instrument (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. are subsidiaries of gmcinstructures group established in Tianjin Binhai high tech Zone in 2009, providing professional and localized electricity measurement products and services for domestic users. Electric Lishi (SH

voltage electrical installation tester measurement

anghai) Electronics Co., Ltd. gmc-i(shanghai)powermementco. Gmcinstructures Co., Ltd. is the second domestic branch established by gmcinstructures in Shanghai Free Trade Zone in January 2016, providing local sales and perfect maintenance and after-sales service system. We have been committed to the power instrument testing industry. If the long glass fiber reinforced composites can not successfully provide the required stiffness or strength, high resolution, strong anti-interference ability, convenient measurement methods, humanized operation and management interface, we will provide every customer with a safe measurement environment and comprehensive solutions

the voltage electrical installation tester can measure household appliances, electric tools, industrial machine tools, etc.: withstand voltage test, insulation resistance, conductivity (continuity), voltage drop, leakage current, discharge time, etc., to meet the needs of various electrical equipment safety tests. The utility model relates to a multifunctional testing instrument which can test withstand voltage, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and leakage current in multiple or single items. Multiple combination tests can be completed automatically with only one wiring. Each test value and limit alarm value can be preset to judge whether the tested object is qualified or unqualified, and the test results can be output through the indicator light and digital display- German GMC transformer volt ampere characteristic tester (touch screen) automatically collects, analyzes, stores and prints test data, and can also be stored through U disk- German GMC

five in one integrated safety analyzer can perform five electronic safety test functions, including AC and DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and dynamic leakage current (choose

voltage electrical installation tester to measure

). It is mostly used for the safety specification detection of electronic products, and can be directly inserted or built-in dynamic leakage current scanning device. Simple device and operation, which can measure complex safety requirements, is an electronic safety analyzer to improve production and testing efficiency. Synchronous dual output function (twin port) and open/short circuit detection function (OSC). Greatly shorten the test time; With super large screen display and intelligent operation mode, it is an electronic safety analysis instrument with single machine function all over the world- German GMC voltage electrical installation tester measurement

in addition to electrical tester products, the products of German GMC group also include: power analyzer, power quality analyzer, multimeter, electric safety meter analyzer, high-precision program-controlled DC power supply, electrical testing instruments, electrical testing, communication measurement, ammeter, electric quantity electrical tester, angle sensor, voltage and current sensor, transformer winding ratio analyzer, micron Mm, standard resistance, high voltage test, etc

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