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Volkswagen plans to streamline its parts business in order to enhance competitiveness

Volkswagen believes that the strength of its parts business can be enhanced by streamlining its structure. German suppliers Bosch, mainland China and ZF have increased their investment in technologies such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving, which has also brought competitive pressure to the company. Volkswagen hopes to protect jobs by streamlining its structure

Matthias Mueller, CEO of Volkswagen, believes that the easiest business to streamline is its electric vehicle parts business, mainly because the business is still in the initial stage of development and has not formed a mature organization

however, according to relevant sources around Mueller, building the electric vehicle parts business into a separate department may be the first step in its plan to form a larger and more efficient organization. Relevant news revealed: "the integration of our electric vehicle parts business also ushered in new opportunities, because all brands of the group will use the same battery model."

the details of the restructuring are not clear, but Volkswagen employees have been told that the total number of employees in the newly established business department is expected to reach 80000 and will be responsible for all parts business. The team composed of several senior managers was also appointed to take charge of the business with good stress resistance, but their influence was also limited because there was no official organization department. Workers also continue to work under the company in accordance with special contracts signed with Volkswagen

the plan of Volkswagen's new business department was mentioned in a newsletter released by the Volkswagen trade union in October, but the Volkswagen management did not immediately release the official 16 Tensile strength testing machine experimental software statement under the windows platform in Chinese

Muller's medium-term goal is to integrate all power system businesses with the help of its brands. As its brands are accelerating the field of electric vehicles, it also creates opportunities for this

for German enterprises, the employment problem must be paid attention to, and the public is also facing great pressure to improve labor efficiency at this stage. Volkswagen brand also plans to complete the goal of cutting 14000 workers by 2020, which is one tenth of its total workers. It also hopes to improve the profit margin of Skoda brand. In addition, selling off the unsatisfactory parts business of construction sand gb/t14684 (2) 001 is also conducive to achieving this goal

Frank schwope, an analyst at nordlb, believes that Volkswagen's parts plan can improve the competitiveness of its own competitive electronic universal testing machine in the testing industry

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