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Volvo Construction Equipment "national four" new machine unveiled Bauma China 2018

Volvo Construction Equipment "national four" new machine unveiled Bauma China 2018

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in order to meet the growing demand of the Chinese government and customers for high-efficiency and low emission equipment, a number of products that meet the "national four" standard are collectively unveiled at the Volvo Construction equipment booth in Bauma China

in order to reduce equipment emissions and help China achieve the goal of improving air cleanliness, Volvo Construction Equipment exhibited two equipment that meet the fourth stage standard of China's non road mobile machinery in Bauma China: 22 ton crawler excavator ec220el and p7820dl ABG paver

solid and reliable Volvo Construction equipment ec220el crawler excavator

ec220el crawler excavator

ec220el adopts Volvo's latest D6 engine, which can accurately provide the power required to complete the current operation through comprehensively optimized hydraulic system and eco mode. When the excavator does not operate within the preset time, the automatic engine shutdown function can automatically shut down the engine, which helps to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions

by adjusting the excavator, customers can install a series of hydraulic pipelines that have been matched with the crushing hammer, hydraulic shear pipeline and rotating device pipeline at the factory setting stage. These pipelines can provide proper flow and pressure for special accessories such as lawn mowers and grinders, hydraulic shears, stone crushers and tilt rotating devices. The accessory device management system with password protection can preset hydraulic flow for up to 20 different accessory devices

ec220el's X-shaped lower frame makes the weight distribution more uniform, which not only improves the stability and durability, but also prevents the machine from being damaged by rock debris impact. Its heavy chassis can also have excellent traction in harsh terrain conditions. The boom and jib are designed to be strong and durable, and inner plates are set to support pressure points in various applications

comfortable operation can bring higher work efficiency. The new Volvo ec220el adopts the design concept with comfort as the core. All machine interfaces (including joysticks, keyboards, and 8-inch LCD monitors that are easy to view information) are ergonomically designed and can be fine tuned to predict the personal preferences of the hand based on the impact of the operation. This 22 ton model not only provides a rear-view camera covering the blind area of vision, but also can be equipped with a side view camera to fully ensure the safety of operators and on-site personnel

p7820dl ABG paver

the p7820dl ABG paver specially developed for the Chinese market meets the "fourth national" standard and adopts the latest electronic paver management system EPM 3. The management system enhances the control ability of the machine, comprehensively optimizes the equipment for specific applications, and integrates all control buttons in a bird's-eye layout, which is convenient for guiding and operating various operation functions of palm control. With the help of the control knob with ergonomic layout, the operator can quickly select and adjust various functions

p7820dl ABG paver specially developed for the Chinese market

the cab of p7820dl ensures the good visibility of cable utilization for the surrounding conditions of paver, hopper, spiral distributor channel and screed, so that the operator can see the material supply and material flow at a glance. The newly added large polished glass on both sides of the console further improves the field of vision, thereby maximizing the overall efficiency and safety of the construction site. Even under low brightness conditions, the operator can achieve accurate paving with the help of LED operation lights and balloon lights (optional)

powerful power

in addition to machine control and operating comfort, Volvo p7820dl ABG paver also has other high-quality performance. First, the equipment has two Volvo engine models to choose from, which can meet China's third stage emission standard and the upcoming fourth stage emission standard. The two engines are specially optimized for the hydraulic system, which can output high torque at low speed, bringing industry-leading strong power, excellent productivity and fuel efficiency. The engine system adopts adaptive eco mode, which can match the engine output with the requirements of on-site construction. This default function can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, and strike a balance between improving customers' net income and protecting the environment

thanks to the automatic crawler tensioning system and the extra large capacity hopper lengthened by 300mm to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the p7820dl ABG paver can ensure the smoothness and uniformity of the pavement in any application. This extended hopper can provide enough working space for super large trucks with larger overhang distance to feed the paver

industry leading screed

Volvo p7820dl ABG paver is equipped with industry-leading screed, which has all-round and efficient characteristics, and its paving width can be up to 11 meters. It can be used to deal with all kinds of materials to achieve uniform and excellent paving effect

For this reason

Volvo's rammer is completely quenched and durable, which can make the whole operation width reach the target material density. Volvo customers can choose from all kinds of single rammer or double rammer screed according to the application needs and conditions, so as to ensure that the performance is usually not as good as the original one and ensure the smoothness of the pavement. Volvo ABG double rammer technology can achieve ultra-high pre compaction behind the screed, which is crucial when paving thick asphalt and cement stabilized base (CTB) materials

in addition, with the help of Volvo quick connect system, paving operators can easily add or remove the screed extension parts within a few minutes without using special tools, so as to meet the requirements of different work sites. The new hydraulic control side baffle further improves the safety and quality, and helps the screed operator to achieve rapid control and ensure the side surface is clean

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