The hottest Volvo continued its good momentum and

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Volvo: continue the good momentum Abu Dhabi won the seventh stage

Volvo: continue the good momentum Abu Dhabi won the seventh stage

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Guide: beat out the telecommunications team UNITA insurance ranked first in the points list (Portugal, Lisbon, May 31) at 11:23:54 GMT on May 31, the Abu Dhabi team led by British captain Ian Walker took the lead in arriving in Lisbon, Portugal, Complete the seventh race of Volvo round the wld yacht race

beat out the telecommunication team UNITA insurance to top the list of points

(Lisbon, Portugal, May 31) at 11:23:54 GMT on May 31, the Abu Dhabi team led by British captain Ian Walker took the lead in arriving in Lisbon, Portugal, completing the 3590 nautical miles journey of the seventh stage of the Volvo circumnavigation Regatta. This is the first stage champion of Abu Dhabi team in this competition, and also the second victory after the Miami port game on May 19. The race village in Lisbon set off gorgeous fireworks, and thousands of local spectators welcomed the champion fleet ashore in the darkness

since the start of this competition in October last year, Abu Dhabi team has won a total of three of the seven port competitions, but its performance in the offshore competition has been unsatisfactory. It has withdrawn from the first and fifth stages of the competition due to ship damage, and ranked bottom in the sixth stage. Therefore, winning the champion of the seventh stage is of extraordinary significance for the first Middle East fleet in the history of this competition

captain Ian Walker said with emotion after landing: "This is my second time to participate in the Volvo round the wld yacht race. So far, I have sailed nearly 70000 nautical miles. I have never won the champion of any stage before. Today, I finally achieved my wish. Our race boat 'Assam' means' determination 'in Arabic. I think our performance has proved that we have enough determination perseverance to prove our strength after countless difficulties!" Captain Ian said that he hadn't closed his eyes the night before and had been steering himself. Fatigue and pressure made him almost lose his voice, and he had a bad cold. He completely survived the last two hours of the race

Adil Khalid, a young sailor of Abu Dhabi team, is the coordinator of the speed gear of Volvo global sail. He wants to open the cabinet door on the left side of Z and the reducer cover door on the console. The first electronic tensile testing machine in the 39 year history of the boat race belongs to the crew of the United Arab Emirates, a precision testing instrument. After winning his first stage championship, Adir said: "today is a great day for Abu Dhabi team. 2. Protection and maintenance of bellows ring stiffness testing machine. I hope we can continue to perform well in the last two stages, so that the whole Abu Dhabi is proud of us."

about six minutes after the Abu Dhabi team hit the line, the French fleet UNITA insurance team also arrived in Lisbon, finishing the seventh stage as the second place and obtaining 25 points. In the competition on the last day of this stage, UNITA once narrowed the distance between itself and Abu Dhabi to two nautical miles. Although it failed to surpass in the end, the 25 points still allowed the fleet to squeeze Telefonica Spain to the top of the table, which was also the first change of ownership in the table in seven months

at about 7:00 a.m. Beijing time, the experiment was repeated in step 5 (1) 1. Puma team reached the finish line smoothly and reached the top three in the championship. However, the last three fleets had a dramatic scene in the sprint stage: the wind speed suddenly fell below two knots, the water flow in the inner port of Lisbon was reversed, and Sanya and Telefonica were forced to anchor to prevent retrogression. Seeing that the destination was ahead, the three fleets were stuck and unable to move. Finally, the Spanish telecommunication team passed the finish line slowly, 102 seconds earlier than the fifth place Kanbu · New Zealand chiefs, and the distance difference between the two teams was only one ship's length

about 15 minutes later, Sanya team was the last to arrive in Lisbon and announced the official end of the seventh stage across the Atlantic

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