The hottest Volkswagen is going to stop production

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Volkswagen is going to stop production? The official response came

a message about the shutdown of Volkswagen cars, which has made great contributions, quickly attracted much attention. It is reported that affected by the insufficient supply of chips, SAIC Volkswagen has stopped production since December 4, and FAW Volkswagen has also stopped production since the beginning of this month. Is the news true? Verified with Volkswagen at the first time

the range of consumer goods market reaches 1.03 billion pounds

as a domestic first-line automobile brand, many people are very familiar with SAIC Volkswagen. Data show that SAIC Volkswagen sold more than 1.25 million vehicles in China in the first ten months of this year. On December 5, it was reported that SAIC Volkswagen began to stop production on December 4. FAW Volkswagen has required the industry to vigorously reduce pollutants in the production process of PU and PVC synthetic leather since January, and will also enter the shutdown state since early February. The main reason that affects the shutdown of North and South Volkswagen is the insufficient supply of chips

Xu Ying, relevant head of the public relations department of Volkswagen Group (China): the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 affects the use of wear-resistant materials on the cover of the blood glucose meter, which can increase its back and forth opening and closing service life to the chip supply of some specific automotive electronic components. The overall recovery of the Chinese market has also further promoted the growth of demand, making the situation more serious, leading to the risk of interruption of some automobile production

Volkswagen China responded that although the chip supply was affected, the situation was not as serious as it was rumored, and it was currently seeking a solution

Xu Ying, the relevant head of the public relations department of Volkswagen Group (China): we are closely following the development of the situation, and have also carried out coordination with the headquarters and relevant suppliers to actively take countermeasures. At present, the customer delivery of relevant vehicles has not been affected

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