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The "road of evolution" of the famous hardware city has always been, because of the beautiful implication of "always maintain health", the Small City Yongkang reposes the infinite enthusiasm and expectation of people living in this land. From the upsurge of reform and opening up 40 years ago to the ascendant of the era of high-quality development, Yongkang City shows a "personality trait" - always strive for well-being. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Yongkang has followed the pace of development with hard work, grasped the pulse of the times with struggle, and interpreted beautiful changes with struggle

on October 22, the themed interview activity of "practicing Jinhua spirit and winning nine hard battles" and "watching Jinhua in the 40 years of reform and opening up" entered Yongkang to witness the "evolution road" of this famous hardware city

the road to beauty of a city

on the evening of September 26, night fell and the lights began to shine. Beams of light from Yongkang headquarters center and Convention and Exhibition Center pointed directly at the sky. In order to welcome the 23rd China Hardware Expo, the headquarters center was dressed in charming "evening clothes", and each building was glittering, presenting a beautiful "light show". That night, a group of photos of the headquarters center and the Convention and Exhibition Center burst the circle of friends, and many Yongkang people who worked outside lamented: "Yongkang has changed too much, and my hometown is beautiful!"

shape and cast soul, and walk towards beauty. Over the past few years, the beautiful changes in Yongkang's urban and rural areas have become a "big event" for which Yongkang people are proud, and a "hot topic" for Yongkang people to recommend their hometown

by creating a national hygienic city and a provincial model civilized city, Yongkang urban area has less garbage and more greening, less parked vehicles, more clean roads, less complaints and more smiles from citizens. Through the comprehensive environmental improvement action of small towns, Zhoushan town has made every effort to carry out the environmental improvement of market towns, improve the "beauty" of both sides of the two roads, build the "most beautiful highway" of Yongkang, and form the "Zhoushan experience" of the provincial model; Through the transformation of urban villages, the former "dirty, messy and poor" suburban villages have become "tall and high" new communities. As a result, the prototype of "Xishan new city" came into people's vision, "beautiful zhoutang" came into reality from its dream, "and the concerto of" Hemei dongku "became more and more inspiring; Through the construction of beautiful villages, traditional model villages such as Yuanzhou village are still full of tourists, and the emerging "red villages" such as Tangli, Dachen and Fujian Liao are even more popular, becoming a little famous tourist destination...

these days, Wang genhong, Secretary of the regional Party committee of gaozhen community, is still excited. He has just won the grand prize from the National Village Song Award Gala - the Gold Award for the performance track effectively ensures the quality of the screen, The village song "happy high town" of gaozhen economic cooperative was rated as China's "top ten village songs"

"where there are many tall buildings is my former village, and the song of eighteen butterflies flies all over the ends of the earth..." Wang genhong hummed the village song in which he participated in the lyrics, talking about the beautiful changes of gaozhen. "In the 40 years of reform and opening up, gaozhen has experienced the 'Long March' from poverty to wealth and from wealth to beauty." From a poor village with negative collective economic assets in the past to a village with an annual collective income of more than 10million yuan and assets of 100 million yuan, Wang genhong summed up in this sentence: "good policies, willingness to endure hardship and good unity are our 'password to get rich'."

"Yongkang rich" has become the first impression of outsiders on the city, "Yongkang blue" has frequently exploded in the circle of friends, Yongkang air AQI index often ranks in the forefront of the province, "hometown beauty" has become the consensus and confidence of more and more Yongkang people. In this journey of "going to beauty", Yongkang has bloomed a different luster

the revitalization of a market

the tide of reform is surging, and the wind of opening up urges thousands of households to spring. In 1992, in the history of Yongkang's development, two things left a brilliant mark, one is that Yongkang was removed from the county to build a city, and the other is the opening of China Science and technology hardware city. In the spring breeze of reform and opening up, China Science and technology hardware city caught the fast train of market economy, witnessed the hard struggle of thousands of hardware trendsetters in Yongkang since the reform and opening up, and is an epitome of Yongkang's transformation from "small hardware" to "big hardware". Since then, Yongkang has opened the touching hardware chapter

the growth history of China Science and technology hardware city is moving: on January 1st, 1993, China Science and technology hardware city was put into trial operation, with a market turnover of 300million yuan that year; From January to September 1994, the turnover exceeded 600million yuan, and the daily turnover was more than 2.3 million yuan; In March, 1997, a 12000 square meter 1. Shoe anti-skid testing machine was more detailed than the previous ASTM anti-skid test method. The largest roof garden in China was settled in China Science and technology hardware city. In October of the same year, 13000 square meters of hardware square was built; In 2007, the 18000 square meter seven area market was transformed and put into use in 2008...

from the 17656 square meter building area and 757 stores in the first phase to the current market with a total business area of 800000 square meters and 4500 stores, from 300million yuan in 1993 to 45.8 billion yuan in 2017, groups of data truly record the revitalization of China's science and technology hardware city

"from the 5th 2014 rubber and plastic cable new materials and new technology utilization Summit Forum of the first Hardware Expo in 1996, which will be held in Wuxi International Hotel, Jiangsu Province, to the 23rd Expo, which has just ended this year, I have participated every year. I have witnessed this market from scratch, from small to large." Yongkang "king of drill chuck" huzhenqian runs a shop called "drill chuck world" in the hardware city market. He is not only the witness of the development of Hardware City, but also the witness and beneficiary

after more than 20 years, hardware city market has long established an inseparable kinship with Hu Zhenqian: "when I first started the drill chuck business, there was only a small stall of 30 square meters in the market, and this market and Expo brought me a huge amount of customers and information. Now, the drill chuck I represent accounts for 20% of the global market, with annual sales of 200million yuan." "I am willing to go through the same storm with China Science and Technology Hardware City, and hope that this market will add new momentum in specialization, scientificization and internationalization to achieve better development." Hu Zhenqian is full of gratitude to the hardware city market

"to buy and sell hardware, go to China Science and technology hardware city." Today, China Science and technology hardware city has become a clustered, industrialized and modern open hardware trading market, integrating hardware products and means of production trading, information release, hardware exhibition, hardware index release and market launch. At present, the hardware city has two physical market groups, Jincheng market and Jindu market, "Shang hardware" e-commerce platform and 170000 square meters of International Convention and Exhibition Center. The market has daily-use hardware, building hardware, tool hardware, electromechanical equipment, metal materials, decorative building materials and other business blocks. There are more than 10000 kinds of market transactions in 19 categories, covering all parts of the country and more than 170 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, the transaction volume of the physical market was 45.8 billion yuan (excluding the Expo), and the market transaction volume and growth rate ranked first in the same market in China for many consecutive years

the rise of a number of industries

on the honor wall of Yongkang, nearly 20 honors of "national brands" such as "China's Hardware City", "China's power tool city" and "national quality strong city demonstration city" are fully pasted. Now, the era of high-quality development has arrived. The successive municipal Party committees and governments of Yongkang have always adhered to the strategy of "strengthening the city through industry", launched "efficiency revolutions" one after another, and made every effort to promote the pace of intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation and upgrading, so that "made in Yongkang" can move forward at full speed to "made in China", and strive to build an advanced manufacturing base in China and even the world

Yongkang, a magical land of hardware, has emerged batch after batch of innovative enterprises. Yongkang local entrepreneurs are using hard work and responsibility to interpret the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era, explaining how Yongkang has changed from "everything" to "everything", how to leap from "hardware" to "big hardware", and how to transform from traditional industries to modern industries

"the future of Xingyue is to promote the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry." Hujirong, President of Xingyue Group, pointed out the development path of the enterprise. As one of the most representative enterprises of "Yongkang manufacturing", more than 30 years ago, Xingyue Group gradually developed from a small factory with 12 people to a top 500 private enterprises in China with nearly 6000 employees and an output value of more than 2.5 billion yuan. Today's Xingyue Group, in addition to the traditional door industry, automobile industry, tools and other fields, its industrial tentacles have covered new fields such as tufted carpet, agricultural equipment, biomedicine, fresh air system and so on

just as the "star moon spirit" summarized by Hu Jirong - belief, dream, spirit and integrity, which is the true portrayal of Yongkang's entrepreneurial spirit in the new era

feishen group is constantly exploring innovative industries, innovative technology, innovative brand drive and military civilian integration. Its products range from scooters and ATVs to SUVs and RV. "In the next step, we should be the pacesetter in industrial transformation and upgrading, actively layout industries such as smart medicine and health sports, and constantly accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing." Tang Min, deputy general manager of feishen group, said

under the change of macroeconomic situation, the enterprise operation is facing difficulties such as increased export pressure, rapid rise of raw materials, and increased operating costs. However, the kitchen King cookware bucked the trend. Wang Peng, the chairman of the company, said the secret: "we should think about the development direction of the company from a global perspective, adhere to brand building, interpret the mission of bringing Chinese food culture to the world, and organically combine products with cooking utensils culture. We should increase intelligent transformation to realize intelligent production, manufacturing and storage; we should increase the development of new materials and technologies to realize product upgrading."

the confidence of enterprises in the development of manufacturing industry stems from the "package" policy incentive system and financial support of Yongkang City. According to statistics, from 2014 to 2016, Yongkang applied for 18472 patents, with an average annual increase of 25.5%; There are 15104 authorized patents, with an average annual growth of 12.9%. The annual number of patent authorizations and applications rank among the top in the province. So far, Yongkang has applied for 43375 patents and authorized 41161 patents in total, with 168 national, provincial, Jinhua and Yongkang level Four patent pilot demonstration enterprises; It has 42748 registered trademarks and 33 quality awards and nomination awards from governments at all levels. Yongkang enterprises have led or participated in the preparation and revision of 1 international standard, 54 national standards and 72 industrial standards, including 5 "made in Zhejiang" standards and 2 national service industry standardization demonstration projects. "From the index data, Yongkang's industrial economy is gradually warming up. I believe that by the end of this year, Yongkang's economic development level will reach a new high." Ma Haihua, director of Yongkang economic and Information Bureau, said

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